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GA-7VRXP Bios settings?

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  • GA-7VRXP Bios settings?

    Just coming up to speed with a new box, mobo and graphics. I am not clear on the following:

    What is S.M.A.R.T. Should it be enabled or disabled?

    SDRAM command rate. Which is best 1T or 2T ( my RAM is Kingmax DDR333 PC2700)

    What is LEGACY ?(no RSL jokes please).

    I am using a single HDD into IDE-0. Right now I have the onboard RAID/ATA promise chip disabled. The system seems to run ok. Is there any advantage to turning on the chip and selecting ATA.

    All contributions welcome and greatly appreciated


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    S.M.A.R.T stands for self-monitoring, analysis and repoting technology, which all new h/d should suppot.

    as for the sdram commands i think i'm right in saying it dose not matter if your using ddr ram. ??????

    LEGACY refers to the old isa slots.

    and unless you intened to raid two h/d you do not need to use the raid/ata setting. this is normally only used if you have a large network and your machine is the sever.

    hope this helps you:thumb:


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      Thanks for the answers to my questions. I will watch for you on the board

      regards Bob H:cheers:


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        I have the GA-7VRXP and also Kingmax DDR333 PC2700 TinyBGA memory in my new system that I built last week at work.

        I am having issues with the memory having HEAPS of errors and not allowing windows to install or linux for that matter.

        We finally got it working after replacing the memory with normal PC2100 budget brand memory, but I really want my DDR333 memory.

        Any ideas on what could be causing the problem??? Any BIOS settings that you had to modify in order to get it working ??


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          I have also been having trouble. I suspect the "rave reviews" on Kingmax DDR333 are all bull****. I can only operate at 2T and disabled top performance. I plan to try Corsair PC3000 or PC3200 as soon as I can afford to buy it.


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            I did change over to Win2k from Win98 and that seemed to help a lot. I notice that the KT333 chip set needs to use an extra driver for memory management if you use WIN98 and that the extra driver is not needed for Win2k. All and al though I am not happy with the GA7VRXP/1700XP/KingmaxDDR333 combo and I suspect the trouble is the memory.


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              you don't need to buy a pc3000 or pc3200 Corsair memory module (only if U plan to OC)

              I have a Corsair 256MB DDR XMS2700, 32Mx64, CAS 2, radiator, CMX256A-2700C2 on a GA-VRX MB and the memory timings are:
              2-2-2 1T:bounce:


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                I just put mine together (GA-7VRXP and PC2700 Kingmax) and it's runnin' here now doin' test loops without at prob 2-2-2 1T.
                Be careful on enabling "Top Performance" in the BIOS though. :smokin:


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                  Do you know what these commands are doing in the machine?

                  Top Performance enabled/disabled

                  Fast Command ultra/fast/normal

                  I understand the 2 -2 1T stuff but what the hell are the above settings actually doing to the machine???:confused:


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                    "Top Perfomance" I understand sets the memory speed at +33MHz with all fast settings by default and this is why it can be a problem.
                    The "Ultra/Fast/Normal" is like "CAS 2/2.5/3" but all Name memory should run in the "Ultra" setting where NoName memory will probably on work "Fast". :smokin:


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                      You are very helpful and one up on the yanks Wiggo. I posted the same question on Arstechnica and no-one had any answers. The best they could do is say "look at the manual" which of course is useless. The manual doesn't tell you anything. That is why I made the post in the first place.

                      Thanks for the info:cheers: