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Gigabyte GA 7VT600 RZ won't post

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  • Gigabyte GA 7VT600 RZ won't post

    Here is my setup
    CPU: Athlon XP 2600 333FSB
    Memory: Kingston 256 PC2700 (I also have a generic PC2100 512mb one to test)
    MB: GA-7VT600 RZ
    PSU: Allied 450w, a psu reccommended by AMD
    Video: Radeon 9600se
    Case: Kingwin K11

    Here is my problem, the video card, memory, psu and monitor all work, my previous mb/cpu combo broke donw (duron 1.2 w/ msi kt3 ultra) so I replaced them w/ the new mb and cpu, let me describe what is going on.

    When I first powered up the system I noticed it would shutdown afer about 5 or 6 seconds, I noticed I had accidentally put the cpu HSF on backwards, I re-mounted it and now the computer stays on indefinitely (it turns off just fine) I hooked up the speaker connection, but I have not actually used this case's speaker before, MSI boards have an internal mb speaker so don't need the connection, but as you can see this isn't an MSI board, my first question is, when i plug the speaker connection into the mb should the sound be coming from the case or the mb? I do get some sort of beep, but I would more describe it as a clicking or popping sound (though it is consistant enough to be a beep, I just don't wha the pc speaker is supposed to sound like), I hav ere=seated the mb several different times, I have cleared the CMOS, what I hear is 2 short beeps then a considerable pause then another short beep, I can't find any info on the Award BIOS beep code for this, so, am I hearing the bios beep code or something else? all the c0mponents feel warm to the touch, so something is happening. How likely is it that I could have a bad processor (I asked for pre-testing to make sure it worked, though I didn't get any sort of report on what they actually did, just the date when they did it, it is from Also, there is no MB LED light on, is there supposed to be w/ Gigabyte boards? any help would be greatly appreciated, I've been w/o my own computer for a little too long anyways not to mention all of these problems :-/