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can i add an agp port

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  • can i add an agp port

    i have a sony vaio pcvrs210 and i have no agp slot to install a nice new vga card. but i opened up the pc and looked at the mainboard and saw that above the pci slots there was an empty space. in that empty space it looks as if you could solder an agp port into the motherboard. it has holes filled w/ soldering iron and says agp 1 underneath them. so i was wondering if i could purchase an agp port that i could solder in myself.. and possibly upgrade the system bios and whatever else need be..


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    Re: can i add an agp port

    You'd be much better off thinking about buying a new mainboard instead.


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      Re: can i add an agp port

      sometimes companies use the same "print" for diffrent models of their mobos so it could work depending if the circutry is there and the chipset saports it... if it has no agp, then the chipset most likley dosent saport agp.... now in the hipathetical situation where it would work, i wouldent risk wrecking my motherboard... jus thought this might help...

      example of what you are talking about: i have two 486 boards... they are exactly the same board except for the fact that one has a vl bus one dosent... other than that they are the same, jumpers, socket, memory slots, etc...