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Chaintech motherboard question

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  • Chaintech motherboard question

    I'm getting ready to build my new system and am looking for some advice on motherboards. My system will be a amd 64 3200 and have I been looking for a solid motherboard with good oc' ing abilities and have been thinking this Chantech nforce3 250 would be a good choice.

    Is this as good of a board performance vs. price as it seems?

    And if not what other boards would be a good choice.

    Also the A64 say's it's a 1600 mhz. fsb 800 mhz. both way's. Will there be a differance with a board that say's it can handle fsb 800mhz. or all it say's is hypertransport? I don't want to limit myself with a board that can only handle half of the fsb of the cpu. Or does all that make no differance to the performance?

    What is the differance of fast ethernet and gigabit ethernet?

    And yes I know about the 939 boards, I don't have the cash to go that route so I am trying to get the most bang vs. buck for the next couple years.

    Thanks for your help in advance

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    Re: Chaintech motherboard question

    I've not heard anything wrong about that mainboard plus the reviews that I've seen speak well for it (I've not personally used one though).

    Fast ethernet is up to 100mbps* while gigabit ethernet is up to 1000mbps* (*subject to other network hardware, NF3 250 = 10/100mbps and NF3 250GB = 10/100/1000mbps).

    Only the NF3 150 chipset of all A64 chipsets can't handle the full HyperTransport Link bandwidth of the A64 CPU, all other chipsets can and do.
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      Re: Chaintech motherboard question

      Thanks for the help wayout44. I wasn't sure on the speed of the HyperTransport Link it seems to be misinterpreted alot:D


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        Re: Chaintech motherboard question

        The HyperTransport Link as stated by AMD is a 800MHz (200MHz x 4) link 16-bit wide in both directions for a total bandwidth of 6.4GB/sec.


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          Re: Chaintech motherboard question

          Thanks for the clarification.