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  • Gigabyte GA 81RXP

    Just installled the GA 81RXP. 1.6A Northwood, ATI All in Wonder 8500DV, Audigy gamer, lite-on gear. Great setup but one question. How do you sue the IDE channels 3and 4 in a ATA mode???? Despite repeated BIOS changes -- cannot see the drives on 3 or 4.


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    Some boards have a jumper that must be set so check the manual out for that. :smokin:


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      Gary, I think that I have read somewhere that ide 3 & 4 on a Promise setup can
      only be seen when set up as raid.
      Can't remember where I saw it, sorry.
      I only use mobo's with Highpoint raid,
      so I can use as raid, or as ide's 3 & 4
      solely for more devices.


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        I don't know if that is the case. I know some RAID controllers don't like CDROMs or DVDs.
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          I managed to boot to ATA133 with drivers found on the gigabyte site. Looked o.k. with primary drive but could not add second drive no matter what I tried. Eventual changes to bios locked up system - no boot now. Anyone know how to get this board alive again?


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            There should probably be a jumper on the board that resets all the BIOS settings to default. Normally it will be labeled Clear CMOS or something similar.
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              After reading several reviews on the 7vxrp[socket a kt333] i believe this board allows the raid channels to be used for ata133 devices as well, there fore up to 8 ide devices if u feel so inclined, wOOt