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Adding Asus a7n8x to a dell case

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  • Adding Asus a7n8x to a dell case

    This month i am buying an Asus a7n8x mobo with a athlon xp3000+ cpu and a 1 gig pc3200 dual channel kit. I will be completly removing my dell motherboard and inserting the new asus mobo. I've been told that i must replace the dell power supply for some strange reason but im not planning on using any fancy lightings or whatever that need extra power. When everythings all set and done i should have this:

    Asus a7n8x
    Athlon xp 3000+ (333fsb)
    1 gig pc3200 dual channel
    radeon 9600xt
    Maxtor 7200rpm 40 gig hd

    I do not know what kind of power supply I have now nor do I know how to find out, maybe i should open my case and look? Also I've read this in another post.

    ----First of all, don't replace a Dell mb without replacing the psu. Dell uses proprietary wiring on the connecters. Mix and match with industry standard stuff, and poof!. -some person

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    When you try to plug the PSU into the mainboard you'll find that the plug and socket won't fit as Dell uses a different attachment standard to what is considered normal so you go out and then buy a good quality 400W+ PSU which will have the "normal" plug.

    I'd prefer to replace the whole case myself with one that has much better airflow


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      The Dell plugs are the same. They are wired different and have no markings to that effect. If you have one of these psus, things can go POOf! when connecting to a standard mb.


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        get yourself a new case.......some even come with the dell cases are bad in airflow.


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          My mom bought a 700 dollar Dell comp thinking it would be good. It was more like: oh a computer; click buy. Anyway I eventually ended up with it and I bought a new Motherboard but it DIDN'T fit. So I had to buy a new case which also had a new PSU otherwise I would be using the original PSU that came with the dell. Then something would have probably went poof like my ASUS RADEON 9800XT on the 250W PSU. So buy a new case like the RAIDMAX Cobra or something cool:

          P.S. This is the black vesion there also some other colors: red, blue, black, silver.