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HELP can I use Athlon 1.33 266FSB on 200FSB ASUS A7V MB?

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  • HELP can I use Athlon 1.33 266FSB on 200FSB ASUS A7V MB?

    I had a fan failure thus a burned out processor Athlon 1 Ghz on a ASUS A7V MB.
    I was able to find a Athlon 1.33 with 266FSB to replace the CPU.
    MB supports up to 1.4Ghz processor but only has 200FSB.
    Can I use this CPU on the board anyway?

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    you should be able to use it even if it has to be run at 200mhz fsb.
    if the motherboard allows it you could try changing the multiplyer to increase the processor speed to stock speed. you may need to unlock the multiplyer on the processor first.

    And you dont need to post it in two forums.


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      I've built several systems but always had matched MB and processor. I've never done any type of overclocking before. Will I need to do anything to the processor or BIOS to get it to run? Does the CPU automatically step down to the 200 FSB (well 100 in the processor) or do I have to change anything to get it to do that.
      ASUS A7V with KT133 (not the A)

      I read the article on overclocking but I'm still a little confused about it because my particular issue is not addressed.

      Thanks for any help

      Sorry about the double post (I'm new here)


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        If that CPU is a Thunderbird core then just stick it in and it will run at 1GHz (a Palamino or newer core won't likely work). To get more speed out of it close the L1 bridges with a pencil and raise the multiplier.


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          I have used an A7V with an AMD 1300 cpu, but had to upgrade the bios to 1010, if I remember correctly. The latest bios is available on the Asus website.
          The only odd thing that occurred was it showed the 1300 as 2 x 550 MHz, but it worked fine.
          I have also fitted this board with an XP2000, which is a 133 x2 job, and it ran nice and comfortably for weeks at 1250 MHz, at about 35 degrees, with an ambient of 23C
          Hope this is of some help

          Oldphart :roll:
          PS I am not a Pom


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            Also, due to the KT133 chipset it runs, the highest front side bus (FSB) you can probably get is 110MHz or so. I've had my A7V up to 113, but really couldn't get much past that.


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              Received the processor, popped it in and it runs fine.
              Now I'll start to play with the overclocking.
              Thanks for all the good information.