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IS ASUS or MSI better?

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  • IS ASUS or MSI better?

    I am buying a new mobo for an AMD 64 3200+ proc. I have narrowed it down to the MSI K8T NEO-FSR and the ASUS K8V Deluxe. From what I hear they are both about equals. I need to know if MSI has better tech support and reliability or if ASUS does.

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    i dont know much about either board but i do know that my MSI motherboard is stable and ive never had any problms with it, dont know whether this will be the case with the ASUS


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      Asus tech support hasn't been all that great from what I've read. Then again, I haven't needed it either. I do think their website sucks pretty hard tho.
      Both are great companies, although Asus tends to have their stuff a little pricier than the competition.


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        i have an A7N8X Deluxe by ASUS and it is absolutely great. MSI are good to ... but yeah the ASUS support isnt that fabulous...


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          I have the MSI board ... And a far as tech support goes i never used the company's but the forum on there web site is great .. I had some issues setting up my SATA hard drive , and flashing the BIOS .. i had responces from the people on the site within an hour .. also there is a plethera of information to read on there about the NEO mobo .. If you do settle for MSI i would recomend reading a few posts on what ram works. Seems alot of people are having problems with ram and the AMD 64 chip .. Its not the MOBO's falt its that the chip controls the ram now .. I got lucky with my old ram it worked fine ..

          As for the msi mobo , I didnt have any issues with it that were not MY falt .. its fast and you will love the power in the games .. UT2004 FULL settings on everything average 45 FPS .. Good luck on your new puter !