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computer does not recognizes hd . and sometimes yes :(

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  • computer does not recognizes hd . and sometimes yes :(

    i have a computer for 1 year . motherboard - asus p4t533-c .
    since this morning (16 hours ago) , the macine went crazy.
    i had to reboot. then it can not find the hard disks ( 2 of them) .
    then i have to rebot 6 or 7 times till it will reboot properly.
    after 2 to 3 hours it reboots by itself.
    what is the problem??? bios failure??
    p.s i scanned the machine for viruses - twicw . everything ok
    please help
    thanks in advance

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    Last time I saw this problem, replacing the PSU solved it. Likely because the HDD did not get enough power to work in that case, except from some power peaks.

    You can also try replacing the IDE cables first, as this can also solve some HDD problems for non-SATA disks, because these old IDE leads are easy to damage and it is much cheaper then a new PSU, unless you have a spare PSU handy.


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      what exactly is psu?


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        Power supply unit.


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          thanks i will try it and let you know


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            i had my system HDD take a dump on me, and caused all kinds of problems before it went up in smoke...sometimes it would find it, sometimes no, sometimes it would lose power, etc....waiting on my new HDD in the mail....


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              I had this exact problem with my computer.

              The problem was that the power supply was giving up the ghost and couldn't even put out enough power to get everything going, and that's after I unplugged the CD-ROM and burner. One thing I noticed is that if I manually changed the position of the ribbon cable, it would work, but then I would only know if it worked when the case fan would start going (no fan, no power).

              Sounds like your system is doing the same thing.