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need some help with connection wires

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  • need some help with connection wires

    im trying to hook this demon case to my asus K8V deluxe but the manual that came with the mobo isnt telling me much. the case has 4 front USB prots, mic, headphone input, and a whatever else in the front. the manual that came with the mobo only tells me how to hook up the power, warning speaker, reset, and hard disk LED. nothing is saying how to hook up anything else and the case i got didnt come with a manual, all the wires say stuff like +2.D and -1.D, ground, and what not, can anyone help me, where do i plug these things in?

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    It doesn't? Funny, but I just downloaded the manual for your stated motherboard from the Asus site and on page 1-21 it has a pinout illustration for the additional USB ports on your board. As for the (1) and (2) part of the pinouts, this is for port 1 and port 2. Just make sure all the 1's are on one side and the 2's are on the other.
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      OK I'll try and explain the USB hookup but I'm not sure whether your mobo will have enough headers on the board itself to support all 4 case ports but here goes.
      In your mobo manual ya'll have a diagram of the USB header/s with it/them havin' 7-9 pins and if ASUS sticks to their usual practise then there should be 9 pins and these support 2 USB channels with the top row marked, +5v/P#-/P#+/GND/NC, and the lower row marked, +5v/P#-/P#+/GND, with the "#" bein' the number of the port. Now usually the case connectors are marked +5v (VCC)/D-/D+/Ground (GND) with a number for each (all plugs of the same number are to be attached to the same header). Take the +5v or VCC marked number 1 and plug it onto the top header pin marked as +5v in the manual, then take the plug marked as D- marked number 1 and connect it to the next pin which should be P#- in the top row, then attach the D+ marked number 1 to the next pin which should be P#+ and the connect the GROND (GND) marked number 1 to the header pin marked as GND. Now go to all the case number as 2 and do the same arrangement to the lower row of pins. Now that left over pin marked NC is a "no connect" so don't worry about that.
      I hope that helps ya and doesn't confuse ya more.


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        lol, thanks, yeah, i get retarded once in a while, everything should be hooked up and working, just have to wait till the 3200+ gets here, thanks for helping out