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ABit IC-7 Ram selection?

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  • ABit IC-7 Ram selection?

    Well what would be the best to get? The site says DDR400 but is that DDR4000 or what? PC3200 runs at 400mhz- is it the same? I am thinking of building a system in a few months to do mainly gaming and video editing. I will most likely just buy 4GB and have it tapped out and overclock a 3.2GHZ P4 and a 9800 XT and a 250GB HD and XP pro and not deal with it again. I would most likely air cool it to as high as it would go- maybe 4.5? I know the whole setup would be pricey but it would be a onbe time deal and when it is obsolete it is obsolete. Sorry for the long runaround- WHAT RAM SPEED PC3200 or othe?

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    DDR400 = PC3200, 200 Mhz fsb


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      ddr400=pc3200. I don't think you can go to 4.5 on air cooling...

      Edit: mini beat me to it....
      CPU: Opteron 165 @ 311x9 - 2817.8 mhz - 1.47v
      Mobo: Abit KN8-SLI
      RAM: 2x512 Crucial Ballistic Tracers500 @ 202 mhz 2-2-2-5 T1
      GFX: Asus EAX1950pro @ 648/1408
      PSU: Thermaltake 500w
      SC: Audigy 2 zs
      LCD: 22' Samsung 225bw
      Speakers: Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 Ultra
      Mouse: Logitech G5


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        Originally posted by higney85
        I would most likely air cool it to as high as it would go- maybe 4.5?
        You may expect 3.8 on GOOD aircooling.


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          my question was answered- as far as the OC i would evaluate my situation and decide whether air/water and whatever the max is I would deal with it. 4.5 would be really nice though