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    I currently have an a7v8x and an athlon xp 2200+. I am thinking about getting a new cpu but officially my a7v8x only supports up to 2800+ at 333mhz bus. I am wondering if I should t ry getting a new cpu that is the 2800+ at 333mhz, try an ath 3200+ at 400mhz and hope it will work, or upgrade the board and cpu for a ath 64 3200. the prices would be 2800+ = $112, the 3200+ = $196, or a new ath 64 3200+ + a new mobo would be $350. I mostly do video encoding, and gaming, and i am trying to spend as little as possible. If I went with the 2800+ i would also go with a gig of dual channel ddr instead of the 512 single I have now.

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    If it's either the A64 or the 1GB of RAM, then go with the RAM. They'll both improve your video editing performance. If you can get both, then definitely go for the A64.


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      are there any 64-bit apps out there yet? ones that people use?


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        What about 1gig ddr with 2800+ for $200, or ath 64 and new mobo for 365


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          On a budget:

          A64 3000+ $211
          MSI K8T NEO-FSR $95
          Gigabyte GA-K8VT800 $100

          Not on a budget:

          A64 3400+ $404
          ASUS K8V Deluxe $155

          For DDR go with 512mb or 2x512mb of something PC3200 from Kingston or Corsair, usually you will see timings of 2-2-2-6 or 2-3-2-6.