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just reflashed my abit nf7 bios and its dead

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  • just reflashed my abit nf7 bios and its dead

    used abit's flashmenu program to update my abit nf7 to the latest bios and that went fine. When I rebooted, the monitor can't detect any video input and the pc just sits quietly, with no hard drive access. I've tried resetting the cmos, pulling the battery and nothing has helped.

    I'd use the floppy reflash option but I hadn't been using a floppy drive so it was disabled in the bios.

    Can someone please help?

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    When you clear CMOS it resets and thinks youve got a floppy, so you can still do that


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      ok power off your board
      unplug power cord
      remove battery
      hit the jumper to reset your bios
      hit power button on case - with power cord removed
      if possible get a pci video card and swap it with your agp card (just while your fixing it)
      have a floppy ready with the bios on it
      put power cord back in
      cross fingers and hope to get the bios recovery up
      it won't matter if the floppies disabled - the bios recovery mode will over ride this.

      I can't be positive that this will work but it enabled me to get an asus a7n8x restored after I ****ed the bios.

      good luck - you'll need it

      :devil win


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        I still get no video output. I've no pci video card handy so I can't try one of those. I've hooked up a floppy drive now too but i'm not sure what i'm supposed to be doing. Is the floppy supposed to boot by itself or am i supposed to be able to access the flash program on the disc on a dos command prompt. I've no video so that really isn;t possible.

        How do i go about making a floppy disc for reflashing? I downloaded the abit flash program and the bios again and it's just a program i have to run from a command prompt. How can I make it bootable?

        The floppy drive light doesnt light up when I power on the pc :\