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  • Need help choosing Mainboard

    I intend to buy a new PC ,but i dunno which mainboard is best for AMD XP ?? And that's easy to tweak too .
    Can anyone recommend a good configuration or articles please :D

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    I just got through testing out the Shuttle board:

    It works like a champ and has RAID built in as well. If you don't need the RAID, then check out the EPoX 8KHA+. It is also a very good board. Quite a few folks also rave about the Abit KT266A motherboard too, but I can't say personally since I haven't tested it.

    Basically, if you grab a board that has the KT266A chipset, then you'll do well. The chipset itself is very solid, and the performance rocks. All of these boards that I have seen have the main overclocking and tweakable settings right in the BIOS, so that won't be an issue. Just get one that has the features that you're looking for.


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      Definately get one with the VIA KT266A chipset the only thing to choose is which one depending on what features you require. ;)


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        OK ,i've just have a look at these mainboard .
        But problem: I'm in VietNam ,and not too much optional for ya :(
        Here ,they prefer P4 (not me ,of course ) and the result is not much AMD mainboard sold in this area :rolleyes:
        We've got ASUS ,GIGABYTE,ECS,MSI..and of course INTEL ,but 95% are for P4

        I'll go and get some main they sell here ,and post it so that ya can give me advice

        Thanks a lot ;)


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          Well i have a soltek 75drv2 that runs nice :) Try it if you can get it, they are quite cheap
          or the 75drv4


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            Since you're from VietNam, I'm betting that international shipments into country could be a problem?

            Just let us know which AMD based boards are available to you and we'll try to let you know which is the best. If you CAN get incoming shipments, then we can give you some suggestions as to what is good at this time.

            Good luck! :)


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              After 1 day getting arround the shop ,i 've got the list of AMD mainboard :

              ASUS-A7A266-E (131USD)
              ECS-P6-M810 LR (63)
              EPOX PRO (83)
              EPOX-8KTA3L (71)
              GYGABYTE-7VMM (68)
              EPOX-8KHA+ (96)
              GYGABYTE-7VTXE (89)
              All of them are 3 years warranty

              Yahoo!!! there's Epox as ya said.
              If i go on ,i'll get the KT266A .But i'm wondering about waiting for Hammer & KT333 !
              How do you think ?:confused:


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                You could wait and go for "Hammer" though boards for those probably won't be mature enough till next year some time.
                The KT333 boards atm only show an improvement when other DMA hardware is accessing memory but that may (and only may) be better if "Thoroughbred" (the next Athlon) comes out with a higher FSB.
                The EPoX 8KHA+ would be the best go followed by the ASUS IMO but that depends a lot on which features you want. :smokin: