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  • Memory compatible motherboard

    I have a aopen ax4c max motherbaord. Bought a 1gb memory kit 2 512mb micron dual channel 3200 ddr dimms, tried installing and recieve a cpu error on bootup. to my demise read that a lot of 800 fsb 875p motherboards have compatibility issues. was wondering which motherboard was the most compatible with memory? any suggestions i checked out asus which has a short list as well as abit. couldn't find too much on gigabyte but what motherboard is most suited for any type of dual channel memory 3200+ 875p chipset?

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    I have to ask this but what CPU have ya got installed in it, can ya get into the BIOS and what memory settin's are ya usin' plus have ya cleared the CMOS? :?:


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      cant get into cmos at all dies error voice message right off. using a 2.6ghz 800 fsb, cleared cmos, used backup bios,won't boot at all now. I say now because I had a 2.66ghz 533fsb installed before, (it was a friends) with 2 - 2100 512mb non dual channel (friends also) 266mhz dimm memory and it worked fine. installed the dual channel turned it on cpu error checked a few things reinstalled the old cpu (2.66) and old ram (266) and it didn't work with that either. So now im stuck without it working at all cleared cmos used backup bios. took all periperals out. same message "CPU ERRa" is what the chinese accented voice says i think she meant cpu error either way I want to get a new mother board and I have a 2.60 ghz 800 fsb cpu and 2 sticks of ram 512mb 3200/400 dual channel ram. what is the best to go with that is compatible with any dual channel ram preferrably samsung or micron.


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        So noone has any input to this topic huh?


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          Thought someone would have replied by now no new thoughts?


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            I guess that you want to get a board that won't have memory problems, and its a nice dream to! But this is the big bad world, and even if a manu certified it to run with xxxx brand memory, that doesn't mean that you won't have problems.

            If you already have the ram, look around for a manu that certified a 875 board with that ram. If you don't, chose the board then get the memory that is meant to work in it.

            I feel bad for your experience, I guess that you board is dead, but that's the way that things go sometimes.

            If your board is new, RMA it, even if you won't need it, as a spare is nice, or you have a testing board, and how are manu's going to be kept honest when no-one ever wants anything returned (the shop- you'r getting a new one, why RMA? your mates- can you even be bothered with doing this? rant over).