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help me pick a m.b. cpu.

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  • help me pick a m.b. cpu.

    Hello everyone, I would 1st like to thank those responsible for this board/web sight,it rocks!
    It's upgrade time for me, but do to $$ restraints this year I need to reuse alot of my pc I have now. I have about $300(+/-) to spend so I figure a mb./cpu upgrade will give me the best bang per buck.
    I assume an amd is the way to go...
    Here is what I have

    P600III ( older one ,only 100 fsb), replace!
    qdi brillan x1s 440bx m.b. 100fsb , replace!
    60gig 7200 w.d. hard drive, keep
    sound balster live plat with live drive,keep
    geforce 2 gts 64 meg, keep ( for now, till the ti 4s come out)
    352pci100 s dram, ( think I need to replace due to the 100fsb??)
    atx 350w. case ,keep
    8x sw-206 cd-rw (keep for now)
    32x cd rom,keep
    smc nic , w.cable hookup ,keep
    win 98 se ( upgrade to xp??)
    Help me figure out a good solution for my $$ , and my older equipment.I would like an upgradeable m.b. ( that will allow newer cpus when $ allows) if possible.
    Thanks for any help

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    Gee I wish ppl would at least put a country in as their location. :(


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      if it's only $300, and he wants a mb and cpu, then i'm guessin the U.S....:?:


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        It could be but then I could source a m/b and CPU here for that too, though even if it is faster by quite a bit more than what he has it wouldn't be spectacular. ;)


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          Yea , sorry about that. I did not think about the $ difference from country to country. I am from the u.s.
          Here is what I picked out ( just on paper so far). I like the reviews on the msi kt266a pro 2 and its upgradeable. The m.b. cost around $100 u.s. .
          For the cpu I was going to go with a t bird ,but for a few dollars more I can get a 1500 xp (retail) for $105. I could also go with an oem 1600 for the same price,but I like the idea of having a boxed retail with a fan ect.
          That will leave me with about $90(+or-) for ram. So I need to figure out what kind of ram I need to get for the msi board,and how much I can afford.
          What do you think?
          Thanks Jim


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            Well thanx for that but if you could click on the "user cp" button at the top and edit your profile to show that then it would be great. ;)
            As for ya memory requirements ya should get at least 256MB's of PC2100 DDR SDRAM and you would also be better off getting the AthlonXP as these perform much better than the older T'bird ones. :smokin:


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              Also another thing to think about, The retail hsf sucks. Get the oem 1600 and spend $20 more and get a better hsf. IMHO


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                If you're in the US - get your ram from Crucial (
                a 256MB PC2100 dimm goes for about $96 right now (RAM's gone way up lately)
                I've had mine running at 171MHZ (DDR342, PC2736 :thumb: ) - and have read of other's doing just as well or even better, so it's pretty good stuff

                Another option would be pick some DDR333 since it looks to be the next "big thing" - but you would probably need to spend a few more $$'s for decent quality

                don't get crappy RAM or you'll likely be sorry that you did at some point

                edit - another place to check out - excellent reputation for quality - I've used their PC133 but not their DDR. Right now they're a little cheaper than Crucial & they have PC2700 (real 6ns stuff not OC'd) listed for sale :D