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ms 6330 lite BIOS upgrade ... MY FOOT!

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  • ms 6330 lite BIOS upgrade ... MY FOOT!


    The motherboard on my PC is a K7T PRO2 (ms-6330 lite). I have been attempting to flash the bios from the msi site so it's all good.

    HOWEVER! ... everytime I reboot with the boot disk / flash in, the procedure will get to about 80% before hanging

    A friend said to look for the bootlock jumper but I cant find it

    Any ideas to flash this terrible little mother board would be great



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    Hey guys, GanGus is actually a good friend from college, so if you can help him it would be appreciated. I've had a look at the board, but can only see a CMOS clear jumper. Whenever we try to flash the BIOS (to resolve XP compatibility issues) it hangs after loading the new BIOS into memory. The usual message "Please don't power off or reset computer!" is flashing, but the BIOS actually doesn't flash! Can anyone help him?

    I thought it may have been a BIOS jumper, to prevent CIH and the like, but it seems not. :(

    And he didn't mean to post in the VIA forum as well ;)
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      There must be some type of BIOS protect on, or maybe the BIOS itself is screwed and is unwritable.


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        We fixed it :D

        The CMOS needed to be cleared before upgrading the BIOS, thanks to Wiggo for suggesting this :thumb:
        What came first - Insanity or Society?