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  • Voltage changes!!

    anyone know of a little app or some kind of program that will let me change cpu and memory voltages? i have a 7n400 pro2 by gigabyte which has been good to me, but i can't overclock my cpu any more because there are very limited voltage options in the bios, and you can only oc so much using fsb and multipliers before the computer wont start.

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    how limited is it in the bios? give us the range it gives you, increasing the voltage too much will cause serious damage to your hardware.

    gigabyte mobos come with a GUI overclocking utlility, have you tried using it? If I remember correctly, i believe it's called EasyTune4 or something.


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      With Gigabyte BIOS' try pressin' Ctlt + F1 at the main BIOS page and that should bring up the performance options or under CPU Interface change it to Expert setting and then that may allow changes. Sorry but I've only used EPoX nForce2 boards but they shouldn't differ too much.


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        thanks, i'll try that wiggo

        minibubba, the only voltage settings I really get at all are percentages, like it wants to change them by 5 or 10 percent, and i don't even think they relate to ram or cpu voltages. I'll look into the expert mode though, it does have different setting like that.

        easytune 4, yes got that too, but dissapointingly, the only thing i can CHANGE using that gui, is the minimum fan speeds before the computer is spossed to start warning me. when i try to adjust fsb or multipliers (or voltages) nothing moves, i get no effect. I may try reinstalling easytune, with a fresh d/l online or something.


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          okay, tried ctrl+F1, which didn't work on my mb, but np, i looked closer at the voltage options that my mb does give me, and it does allow a change in vcore, (cpu voltage) which is in percentages as i had mentioned. I can increase the voltage by 5, 7.5, and 10%. Which seems a bit high, seeing as easytune is showing me an average of 1.73volts on my athlon 2600 barton.
          i'm gonna check stock voltage settings for a 2600 online before i change voltage. 5% puts me at 1.81V, which seems a little steep, but if my current voltage is okay, i might try going there.
          then step up my cpu speed.

          I guess i just held less faith in my mb then i should have, i'll keep trying before i give up that easy.


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            Yes I forgot about Gigabytes unorthodox percentages but 1.65v is the stock voltage for that chip but 5% won't hurt so long as ya watch ya temps though no higher on air coolin'.


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              another update to that, heh, incase ya'll care. I changed my voltage, by only 5% of course, i was too scared to go higher anyway. My little magictune utility thingy, didnt even recognize the change in voltage, so i hardly rely on that utility anymore.

              I could no longer raise my fsb, because that was also effecting my memory speed. 181fsb, had by memory bus at 434! any higher, and the computer fails to start up along with bad ram beep messages screaming at me.

              SO, now i have kept my 181 fsb, kept my voltage at stock, and simply changed my multiplier through manual dipswitches on the mb.


              AMD Athlon 2600+ Barton stock 1.9GHz -> AMD Athlon 3000+ Barton at 2.1GHz : )
              still running at a safely cool temperature.
              thanks for your suggestions