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Fried my BIOS?

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  • Fried my BIOS?

    Im running a SY-K7V Dragon Plus! and i was having a printer problem, so i went to the website for the printer and checked under support for ideas on what to do. The site said that i should try flashing the bios. So i flashed it.

    I got windows to boot to the floppy, (used a 98SE boot disk), at the A: Prompt, i put in the floppy with the upgrade and then i flashed the bios, the computer hung after it was finished and i had to hit the restart button. Then the thing wouldnt boot up. It turns on but the screen is blank..nothing.

    Is my bios fried? If it is, is it worth buying a new bios chip from soyo? i think they are $20 US Dollars.

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    Have ya cleared the CMOS? :?:


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      Just tried it, it worked. Thanks!

      My computer is running like normal!!!!


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        Just as a side note, what does BIOS Shadowing mean? I kept getting these errors after reseting the CMOS saying to turn off shadowing, and it stopped the errors, but what does shadowing do exactly?


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          Basically it puts BIOS files into memory but this will usually give errors these days as other applications will want to use that area of memory that those BIOS files are in, leave it disabled.


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            Does anyone know of a good BIOS tweaking guide? That has explinations what all the settings mean in the BIOS?


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              This is the best that I know of is at