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  • Motherboard Update!

    Im wanting to update my motherboard.. now at the moment ive got a CT-5RSA motherboard... now, cud i take that out and replace it with a better one, or is it more harder then that?

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    Unless you have a manufactured PC (eMachine, Compaq, etc), you should have little problems with switching the motherboard out... BUT...

    The model board you mentioned is a Socket 7 variety, so you will have to stick with this same type board to still be able to utilize your current processor. Plus, you are likely using either some PC66 or PC100 type memory modules whereas most modern motherboards require DDR type memory. These two are not compatible at all. Your video card will be another consideration. AGP video is the standard and most boards being made right now don't accept older AGP standards. Does your Socket 7 board even have AGP?

    With the age of your system, it might be a better idea to just start over and build a new machine from the ground up.
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      Chaintech CT-5RSA
      I agree with Darth, with the age of that system ya'd be much better off to just build a complete new system based on today's modern technology.