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My Abit went POOF. What new board should I get?

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  • My Abit went POOF. What new board should I get?

    Well after about three years of service my Abit BF6 went to motherboard heaven.

    I have too much invested in the Pentium III CPU and memory, so I need to replace it with another Pentium III board (the P4 will have to wait).

    The quesiton is, what board should I get that isn't too much money (under $100), is reliable, and fairly fast? My CPU is a Slot 1 so the replacement will need to be the same.

    I have:

    1 Slot 1 850Mhz Intel CPU
    1 256 MB PC133 chip
    2 64 MB PC133 chips
    1 AGP Nvidia TNT2 graphics card
    1 Ensoniq sound card
    1 3Com 56K internal modem
    1 40x CD-rom
    1 3.5 floppy
    1 8 gig hard drive

    So given that do you think another BX based board maybe?


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    I'd say the Tyan Trinity 400. It is a Via based board, but it has a Slot 1/Socket 370 interface, so you can always get a socket in the future for an upgrade. Very good board, unless you're a major overclocker. However, I did get my P3 667 to run at 750MHz without any voltage increase--a good thing as there is no user adjustable voltage. It is a very stable board.

    Just a note: it is NOT dual processor capable.


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      I ended up ordering a Soyo SY-6VCA.

      I hunted everywhere for another Abit BF motherboard and also for the Soyo SY-6BA + 100 (a BX based board) but no luck.

      The Soyo SY-6VCA was only $72 and it was very highly thought of on many review sites (fast and stable).

      The only thing is, their web site didn't say that it supported an 850E (100Mhz FSB) although the tech person there THOUGHT it did.

      Of course, almost nothing (including my old Abit) claims to support this chip but most do.


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        Good luck with it! :)


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          Well the Soyo didn't work (my CPU was checked so I'm sure it was the board) so I sent it back.

          Now I have a Soltek KT333 chip based board on the way with a new AMD Atholn chip.

          I'll let the board know how it works after I build it.


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            Sounds like a nice upgrade there darrin.
            When you get a few bucks ahead again, that Tyan Trinity 400 Morgan_Lander reccomended is a very stable board.
            You can pick one up on eBay quite cheap. I got mine there. It's not the strongest performer, but it makes 1 doggone reliable system. Be a nice second system for you:thumb:

            Morgan_Lander - that's a real nice overclock with that board dude! It's a solid board, but definitely takes a real dyed-in-the-wool tweaker to get much OC'ing out of it.
            You done real good!
            The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.