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Epox 8rda3+ , rev. 1.1

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  • Epox 8rda3+ , rev. 1.1

    Hi all,

    I need to try another mobo because my Asus A7N8X deluxe rev.1.04 doesn't work with some new ram I got: 2x512mb Kingmax PC 3500 433/400 46ns. It is not the best but I think it is simply good... Before, I had 2x512mb A-Data and everything worked well!! Now in 3d application I got errors and I am pusched back to windows XP. I can work will only one of the 2 Kingmax:cry:

    So, where I live I found an Epox 8rda3+ rev. 1.1

    Do You think it is a "VERY" good choice??
    Should I buy it?? Or better no, because it is going not to work with my new ram anyway??

    TY for any help!!

    PS: for rev.2.0 I have to wait a quite long time!

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    Wow, if you really have 46ns RAM they can only run at 22mhz :D


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      May be I mistake.. non too good (newbie) in this thing of ns and mhz ... 46 are the two last numbers written on Kmax ram...

      In any case, noone that can Reply at the question or Explain the first answer??



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        If I were you I'd go for the NF7-S 2.0 instead. Just my personal preference. It works with a wide range of ram and is very overclockable.


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          It's 4.6ns then, or rated to about 222mhz, or DDR444.


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            On the white label I read PC 3500 433/400:o

            ...and about the mobo... is the only one I have not to await to have it here where I live... it,s a ggod ONE...

            Anyone has tryed it??

            PS: sorry if my english is not too good:(