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GA-7N400 Pro - Multiword DMA problem

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  • GA-7N400 Pro - Multiword DMA problem

    I have just put together a new system and the problem is an ATA100 hard-drive and a UDMA CD-ROM that run in MultiWord DMA Mode 2. Everything else is fine, the 2600+ is recognised OK as is the memory amount and speed.

    I have tried the drives in another system and they run in the appropriate Modes "Ultra DMA Mode 5" and "2". I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers to no avail.
    • 7N400 Pro driver v-nForce_2.45_WinXP2K_WHQL_english (NVIDIA NForce MCP2 IDE Controller) BIOS F9
    • Albatron GeForce 4 Ti4280TDP driver v-44.03_win2kxp_international
    • IDE#1 Seagate Barracuda IV 7200rpm ATA100
    • Corsair 512MB 333DDR CL2
    • IDE#2 Mitsubishi UDMA33 52x CD-ROM
    • XP Pro SP1, fully patched
    • No RAID, no S-ATA
    • bundled 80 wire ATA cable on disk and an 80 wire cable on the ROM
    I have rolled back to the native MS drivers and re-installed but MW DMA prevails...any thoughts?

    CD Freak