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Epox 8RDA3+ , help needed

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  • Epox 8RDA3+ , help needed

    G'day all, I have just got this M/B and a few new bits [see sig].
    Now I'm not a guru and this is the very first jigger I have put together.
    I just put my [Optarse supplied] ethernet card in and away I went.
    In device manager, I have an extra network adapter and what looks like a NIC [ see pic], which I have disabled for now. Should/Could I use the onboard NIC ?

    Q2. I have 2 x 80 GB Seagate 7200 H/D's. I don't understand Raid, I don't think I need it. Do I just disable it in CMOS [Sil3112 Serial ATA (Optional)] and could this also explain these unknow n device in device manager [see pic].
    Any help would be appreciated :wow:

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    Really, yu could and should use your onbaord LAN. RAID can be disable somewhere in the BIOS


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      The SCSI and RAID controllers seem to be loaded just fine. The unknown devices must be something else. Make sure you have loaded all of the device drivers that are on the MoBo driver CD.


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        the unknown device may be raid if the drivers havent been installed
        my msi k7n2 delta shows the s-ata/raid as an unknown device because the drivers havent been installed


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          Thanks fellas, I have disabled "Raid" in the Bios but that "unknown device is still there :shoot3:

          Doing a bit of homework on the Epox forums I did what the majority suggested, disabled the onboard network adapter thingamabob in CMOS and that disappeared ok.
          The NIC apparantly is not too reliable or fast [and no option in CMOS to disable] and most suggested doing what I have done, disabled it in device manager and used my own.
          Everything running very nicely, but for that "Other device". On boot up it dosn't ask for drivers???

          If I right click on the "Unknown device" it tells me its "on Raedon Pro 9700" ???
          see pic below


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            I have since got rid of the Omegas and back to the cats, but nothing has changed apart from driver version


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              To fix that ya need to use the proper ATi drivers though they'll still give ya 2 video entries but at least no question marks.