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  • ASUS A7N8X DELUXE questions

    Sunnyvale, CA

    OCZ PC-4000 EL DDR running at DDR550, CL 2.5 used to gain top 3DMark scores.

    OCZ is pleased to have the honor of being the memory used to achieve the highest 3DMark 2001SE and #2 3DMark 2003 score. The record-breaking 3DMark 2001SE score was set late last week by Futuremark benchmarking community member "DigitalJesus". In addition to setting the new 3Dmark 2001SE record, DigitalJesus has also taken the #2 Spot in the 3dmark2003 Hall of Fame.

    By using OCZ PC-4000 EL DDR memory running at amazing DDR550 speeds with incredible CL 2.5-3-4-7 timings, DigitalJesus was able to achieve both milestones.

    “OCZ would like to thank DigitalJesus for using our products to push his system to record breaking speeds,” said Steve Lee, Director of Marketing and Strategic Business Alliance.
    “OCZ will continue to support the benchmarking community by providing products with the overhead needed for extreme gaming and benchmarking.”

    Both of the incredible 3DMark Scores can be found here:

    3DMark 2003

    3DMark 2001SE

    About OCZ Technology

    OCZ Technology is the industry leading world-renowned manufacturer of high-performance memory solutions. OCZ Technology delivers ultra high end products to all segments of the PC market.