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could I use the a7n8x deluxe w/o a gfx card?

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  • could I use the a7n8x deluxe w/o a gfx card?

    Now I know that I want the asus a7n8x deluxe board, but I only have $20 in my budget left. Could I use the board without a dedicated gfx card? If not, are the integrated graphics good enough?:confused:

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    If the board has integrated graphics capability, then, no, you do not need a dedicated graphics card. Just be sure to get as much memory as possible. 256MB or more, so you don't limit your memory resourses because of the amount that is shared for graphics. You won't get stellar gaming performance from the onboard graphics, but it should work fine for everything else. You can always save up for a video card and get one down the road.

    Hope this helped.


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      a7n8x deluxe doesn't have integrated graphics :rolleyes:


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        no the asus a7n8x deluxe has no video.

        however the Asus A7N8X-VM does: which comes in at about $260, which is $10 cheaper than the Deluxe. (

        A Epox 8RGA+ has on-board graphics, but not as much features - $225.

        You'd expect to pay around the $220-250 mark for a board with video (depending on other features). :confused:


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          The a7n8x-vm is a micro board and does not have the same features of the a7n8x deluxe. No raid or dual NIC, 3 pci slots only.


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            yeah it is lower on the features.

            coindood didnt give any features for a criteria thats all so i didnt say a board that had a lot of extras + onboard video.


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              I know it sounds ridiculous, but what is the best card for $30, where can I find it, and is there a place without shipping charges?:shrug:


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                Save your beer money Moooch off your buddys
                Get to 100 go shoping XFX hase some cceep g-Force 2s out maybe a G-3 Hmmmm
                Pailet Daytona Uses vNida chips Not bad 4 the money SAVE UR Pennys Just 4 a little wile:thumb: