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  • booting prob

    hi everyone i hope u can help me i just bought an

    asus A7N8X Deluxe mobo and an amd 2.8 i i have it in an atx case now the prob

    i have aled lighton mobo but it will not power up i have followed the set up as directeed in the manual but no joy plzz help

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    make sure the PSU is plugged into the surge protector/upc

    make sure the switch on the psu is fliped to 1 (if there is one)

    make sure the psu is plugged into the mobo


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      ok im not uptodate on the abbreviations

      what is psu:(


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        PSU = the Power Supply Unit

        it's the big metal box with a fan that supplies DC electricity to your computer


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          i dont have a switch to flick and yes i have plugged it in to my surge protector and yes i have plugged in the mobo

          the green pwr led lights on the mobo


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            i realise this is a dumb question, but is the surge protecter pluged into the wall?


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              yes as it goesmy usb hubs lit up like a xmas tree


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                ok then we need some more details,...

                does the computer boot and the led just not light up?

                any beeps from the computer?

                noises, ext, ext...


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                  theres no beeps ,no no fan spinning, the only thing that made a noise was the fan on me graphics card, which i took out thinking
                  id try it without any thing connected to the board other than the memory and cpu and fan.

                  its driveing me mad as u can imagine now the other thing is
                  [btw im in the uk]i have a n atx case the power supply is a 300w max coulld this be the problem


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                    make sure you have everything plugged in correctly, that includes the cpu, hsf, ram, and video card...just the necessities to boot

                    the comp does require a video card in place to boot, but that's not where you're probem lies I'm sure

                    just make sure that everything necessary is plugged in correctly

                    I just feel like there is something somewhere that is not plugged in or connected right

                    if you have a PSU that you know is working right, you might want to try using it...just in case you have a faulty PSU


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                      ok ive done all the above and there is another noise when i listen closely its and it s coming from me psu just a small click

                      thx for your help btw on this


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                        Originally posted by druid
                        thx for your help btw on this
                        no problem, I just wish i could give you a simple answer to solve this

                        try to swap out the PSU for a different one, even if you have to borrow one from another working computer

                        if the computer you're making these posts with isn't a laptop, then perhaps you could strip the psu from it just long enough to see if your PSU is the culprit

                        you can also check the voltages if you have a multimeter available


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                          ok its not a lap top

                          the only working pc is this one and its and old atx with 125watts max. i have not got a multimeter available at this time

                          would it be safe enough to plug this old boilller of a psu
                          in as its my only means of getting on the net looking for help
                          and 125 watts max


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                            no, if it's 125w you should just leave it where it is

                            unless you have a mulitmeter or a spare PSU I can't really think of another way to test your PSU

                            hopefully someone else will see this and think of something this point, if it's not the PSU or a bad Mother Board I don't know what it would be


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                              thx for trying to help me m8y . i have a bald spot from scratching my head lol