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asus a7v8x-x any good?"

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  • asus a7v8x-x any good?"

    i was thinking of buying a new motherboard and i was planning on buying the asus a7v333-XL but the website im buying from told me that they were out of stock with that and that instead they could give me the asus a7v8x-x instead. is there any major differences with these two boards and should i get the a7v8x-x? has anyone tried this motherboard?

    overclocker wannabe.

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    As to your original question you would actually be better off with the A7v8x as it is based on the newer Via KT400 chipset rather than the KT333 : peace2: However, the best option would be to get an nforce2 based board such as the A7n8x, Epox 8RDA+, or if you want one that supports the 400 FSB athlons the Epox 8RDA3+ :thumb: :cheers: :cheers:


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      thanks theyneverknew, i never knew. :cheers:


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        :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Thats almost as corny as one of my dads jokes
        <font color=orange>AMD Athlon XP 2500+ Barton (166*11=1883MHz) -|- Asus A7N8X Deluxe Rev2.0 -|- Corsair XMS PC3200 512 MB RAM 2T-3-3-6 @DDR333 -|- Leadtek A250 TD GF4 TI 4400 300/630 -|- 40 Gig Quntaum Fireball AP+ -|- 52x Samsung CD-ROM Drive -|- SB Live Digital 5.1 -|- Antec SG case w/350 Watt Power-Up PSU</font>