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Ddr Or Rambus?!?! Plz Post!

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  • Ddr Or Rambus?!?! Plz Post!

    Ok guys, it is now time to sell my computer :( It is a AMD Athlon Xp 1900+, 256mg DDR pc2100 Ram.

    I am replacing those parts with something top 'o' the line. Got a few questions tho first! first off, wut kinda memory? DDR/Rambus??? I think im going with a 3.06ghz p4. If this is the case wut kinda mother board should I buy?i got 200$ to spend on my mother board and according to my knowledge this is more than enough. DDR or Rambus is my question for you!

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    Normally the answer would easily be some RDRAM1066 memory, but you might want to take a peek at some of the mainboards coming out that use the new Granite Bay chipset. It is a dual channel DDR chipset that is making some waves in the memory bandwidth department.

    Oh... and that $200 should be right in the neighborhood of the cost of one of these boards. They are a bit higher than others on the market.

    But if you do decide to go with RDRAM, then you'll pretty much be limited to boards that use the i850 series of chipset.
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      & if you go with i850 for Rambus support - you give up hyperthreading support

      If was going to drop the cash for a 3GHz P4 - I would definately get a granite Bay MB

      Asus P4G8X looks like a good one....good luck finding one for the next few weeks.


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        If you want to use 1066 rdram make sure to get a board with the I850E chipset, it also support hyper thread cpu's...


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          Yea, Granitebay is the shiznit right now for DDR. But, if you can wait until mid 2003 Springdale is going to be coming out. It's going to support dual channel 333MHz and 400Mhz DDR. That is going to rock. Granitebay only supports 200 and 266MHz DDR.


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            Gettin' similar scores to equal 1066 RDRAM with generic PC2100 SDRAM is the final nail in RAMBUST's coffin at remaining in the system memory market and PC2700/3200 should put the headstone on it. :devil:


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              i just bought the ga-8inxp gigabyte dual channel ddr board... I havent got it yet though. I got 1 gig pc2100.... Im gonna see how it performs, Ill post benchmarks. my friend got the same setup but he got the 3ghz p4.


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                I just read Intel is pulling support for rambus...

                It's all downhill now.

                Sure glad I went with PC3200 DDR....

                About time I did something right.


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                  thats pretty funny that they are doing that.... Im glad i got ddr too!! Regular ddr has alot less bandwidth but dual channel is the ticket.


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                    I'm going to wait until next summer for the new chipset with dual ddr 400 support, it seems like the dual 266 lacks in performance against the 1066 memory in almost every test.
                    Read about it here:


                    But i think that when the new chipset comes out it will own everything including rdram, also remember that the new dual 400 chipset boards will probably be cheaper than the dual 266 that is starting to show up now, this is because of the use of the cheaper four-layer configuration and will also support AGP 8X.

                    So, don't go and buy any rdram boards because they are sure dying, just think twice before buying this new dual 266 if the wait for dual 400 could be worth it for you. It is worth it to me.

                    That's my 2 c

                    Or how Tom's Hardware choosed to put it:

                    "Considering the fact that Intel wants to position the E7205 chipset (Dual DDR266 SDRAM) as successor to the i850E (dual PC1066 RDRAM), the limited performance is disappointing, especially with regard to memory.

                    Up to now there have been only two reasons to buy the E7205 (Granite Bay): AGP 8X and a maximum memory expansion of four GB."

                    (Tom's Hardware is not the only site that have mentioned this.)



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                      ive heard the opposite.... ive heard its not faster but still as fast as rdram. Its not that much more expensive either.


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                        Don't worry, your system is going to ROCK with that 2,8 ghz cpu combined with dual ddr. It is really small differences we are talking about, if any...


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                          And dual ddr is the nr 1 choise for 533 mhz p4 systems today, no question about that...



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                            Here are the specs:
                            P4 2.8
                            Gigabyte GA-8INXP Board
                            1 gig pc2100 Kingston
                            120 gb Maxtor HD 7200 rpm
                            10 gb Maxtor HD 7200 rpm (for os)
                            SB Audigy 2 Plat
                            Gigabyte Radeon 9700 Pro
                            Antec Server case with 400 truepower ps
                            5.1 klipsch pro media
                            16x Lite On dvd rom
                            40x TDK CD-RW
                            mmmm I think thats it....