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Upgrading RAM on laptop

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  • Upgrading RAM on laptop


    I want to add memory to the laptop HP Pavilion 15-N208TX, but I don’t know which one to choose?

    HP Pavilion 15-N208TX (F6C48PA) laptops specifications

    I'm looking for a 8GB module, and the laptop allows me to do this: 2 slots SODIMM
    it has a free slot, and you can increase the memory up to: 12 GB

    which 8gb module can be installed and will it work correctly with the 4gb module ?

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    Re: Upgrading RAM on laptop

    yes you can upgrade your ram forsure in the oyu get an 8gb and you have a 4gb in there SHOULD work fine but will happen is, which ever ram has the slower speed and looser timimgs the faster ram will lower its performance to said slower stick. i would just go with basic 2133mhz laptop ram or 2666mhz but those are if your laptop runs on ddr4 ram, if its a ddr3 ram laptop than just 1600mhz but even if you get higher speeds, the ram will only reach those higher speeds with an xmp profile enabled and i doubt your other ram stick has xmp, so again like i said ultimately it will just run at the lower speed of the slower stick anyway.


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        yes you can increase the RAM i also increase the RAM of my laptop rental and its working fine. there is only one thing you need to take care off if you are using a DDR3 ram the 8GB ram should be DDR3 if you use DDR3 ram with DDR3 ram it will not work and also damage your motherboard