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Single Stick Ram Problem/Question

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  • Single Stick Ram Problem/Question

    Good day,

    Okay so here's the thing, I recently bought this kingston kvr1333d3n9/8g (1x8gb ram) and tried installing it my my computer. And then when i boot my computer up, i keep on getting a boot loop. My pc just keeps on restarting after the windows animation logo. and i get a bsod saying pfn_list_corrupt and/or bad_pool_header. something like that. I tried testing the ram stick with memtest86 but it seems like nothing is happening when memtest86 is running. the cursor in the memtest is the only thing that is moving /or blinking. What should i do know? Do know what to do. Can someone please help me? My mainboard is an asrock h55m-le and it supports a max memory of 8gb. Is it okay to use a single 8gb stick of ram on asrock h55m-le mainboard? please help me. thanks.

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    Re: Single Stick Ram Problem/Question

    If the stick is fine then:

    i. Hardware driver is not compatible/corrupt. Update all driver
    ii. Bad sector on HDD (which accidentally damaged the software/driver thus the wrong string is injected into boot sequence causing the failure). Refer to Scandisk or use the Tool > Error Checking with bad sector recovery ticked through drive's Properties tab.
    iii. Software i.e antivirus is behaving badly or a virus is behaving perfectly. Scan the disk or re-install the antivirus.

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