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Mixing 1.65v with 1.8v Ram in Sandy Bridge?

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  • Mixing 1.65v with 1.8v Ram in Sandy Bridge?

    Hello community,
    My current rig is:
    2500K @ 4.5ghz
    Asus P8Z68-v Pro
    2x2Gb DDR3 1600Mhz CL7 (7x7x7x24) 1.65v (from my previous i5 750 Rig, ence the 1.65 voltage, but I´ve been running it at 1.6v with advertised 7x7x7x24 latency and it just works!)
    2 x gtx570 in Sli
    Vertex 3 120Gb
    Corsair 750w, etc.
    I use it manly for heavy gaming (Batman, BF3, etc). I ´ve been thinking about adding more ram and found this used kit for 15€:
    2GB (2x1024MB) D/C Kit PN - OCZ3P16002GK
    1600MHz DDR3* CL 7-7-7-24(CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS)
    Lifetime Warranty 1.7 Volts 240Pin DIMM
    Special Features 1.8 Volts EVP***
    It is my understanding that this Ram is from the Core2 duo generation, and that the 7x7x7x24 latency is acomplished at 1.8v, but correct me if I´m wrong. I´ve been searching for a cheap way to add more ram and for a ram with similar speed and latency to my current one.
    So my questions are:
    - Do you believe I can I mix this 2 kits? Will the 1.8v ram run at 1.65v with the advirtised speed and latency or should I just buy a 2x4Gb 1.5v 1600Mhz CL9 new kit for 50€?
    - Is it worth it and will i see real performance gains upgrading from 4Gb to 6Gb or even 8Gb, in windows and in games? What´s your personal experience?
    - Do you reccomend a specific ram kit for my rig?
    Thanks in advance for your input, guys!
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    Re: Mixing 1.65v with 1.8v Ram in Sandy Bridge?

    mixing ram is always a bad idea, i know of people that have trouble even with the same brand and model. They bought 2x 8gb kits (4x 4gb total) ... same brand, model etc .. but they didn't work together. However, thats rare.

    i would go with the same brand and model you already have ... its not like the ddr/ddr2 times where you could mix and match pretty much like it pleased.
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      Re: Mixing 1.65v with 1.8v Ram in Sandy Bridge?

      no higher than 1.6v for ram on sandybridge,if your ram is stable and you can get the 1.8v ram stable at 1.6v then go for it,ram is cheap now anyway so why not buy the propper type for your board? it will run better
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