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Safe RAM temps?

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  • Safe RAM temps?

    I've been trying to OC my comp lately and I've goten some fair results. I've managed to oc the cpu to 2533 mhz (280 mhz fsb, 9x, 1.50 V) and I have a 2/1.83 divider on the memory, running it at 512 mhz ddr, 2.7 V. I haven't been able to go any farther. I'm guessing it's the PSU (410 watts don't get you far), but still, I'm satisfied with theese results. The temps, too, are reasonable, ~33 C idle, ~44 C load, but today I figured I might check the RAM temps somehow, and since I don't have a proper thermometer, I tried with my fingers (while running Prime 95, of course) and I could barely keep them there, the sticks got very hot. So, I was wondering, should I be more careful oc'ing the RAM? I don't see why, 'cause I'm using OCZ sticks (see below) and they're practically built for overclocking. Just curious..

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    Re: Safe RAM temps?

    If you don't have stability problems, it's probably not worth worrying about. That said, I'm suprised you don't have stability problems wih that PSU and hardware. The CPU overclock is particularly impressive if you consider how weak the PSU is.


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      Re: Safe RAM temps?

      Originally posted by Yawgm0th
      That said, I'm suprised you don't have stability problems wih that PSU and hardware.
      Yeah, you and me both! I ran MemTest 86+, ran the test four times in a row, and no errors. And I've had no crashes while playing games, so I guess I'm just lucky. But then, the most demanding game I play is Half-Life 2, and even then it's only for a couple of hours. I'll be buying a new PSU soon, though.

      As for the temps, I think they're high cause I purchased a new CPU cooler, the Cooltek Auras 92, and it doesn't push a lot of air over the RAM sticks on my board.
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