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Asus P5N32 and 5300 or 6400 DDR2?

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  • Asus P5N32 and 5300 or 6400 DDR2?

    I just picked up an Asus P5N32 SLI Deluxe. I haven't bought RAM for it yet. I was thinking of picking up either Corsair 6400 (2x1 Gig) or Mushkin 6400 (2x1 gig) but noticed that the board says it only supports 533/667 DDR2.

    I know I could go for the 6400 (5-3-3-8) and just have it run slower than its native 800 FSB, but the timings are slower than 5300 (3-3-3-12) RAM.

    Would I be better off to get the 6400?
    Will I even be able to run the 6400 at 800 FSB? (The manual for the P5N32 states it can clock RAM up to 1600 MHz, but it states it only supports 533/667)
    Would it be better to get the slower 667 RAM since it has faster timings?

    I don't mind coughing up the extra cash for the 6400, but not if it isn't going to do me any good.. or worse, run slower due to the slower timings.