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ddr400 ( pc3200 ) vs. ddr500 ( pc4000 )

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  • ddr400 ( pc3200 ) vs. ddr500 ( pc4000 )

    Which one of the two would offer better overall performance given for a 2GB (2x1GB) dual channel memory kit:

    ddr400 (pc3200)
    cl: 2
    timing: 2-3-2-5
    Such as a OCZ platinum model.

    ddr500 (pc400)
    cl: 3
    timing 3-4-3-8
    Such as a mushkin xp model.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I do understand that the pc500 will run hotter and require better cooling. But which of the two will perform better in relevance to ddr500 having a higher CL, but also having a faster speed rating? Or better said, what is more important regaurding performance: lower cas latency, or faster speed rating?

    Or, is there actually an even better solution somewhere in between? Such as ddr433 or ddr466.

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    Re: ddr400 ( pc3200 ) vs. ddr500 ( pc4000 )

    Remember... the DDR rating is nothing more than the highest speed a specified module (or kit in this case) is guaranteed to run at. Odds are good that the OCZ modules noted above will run just fine at DDR500 speeds, but it is often necessary to reduce the timings a bit.

    Of the two sets you note above, the OCZ will give the better performance because of the better memory timings. Mushkin also produces a similar version of memory that uses higher quality chips on the modules, giving similar timings. You'll want to compare your budget for memory with what is available and then choose what works best for your needs at the best price.

    As to temperatures, this is directly related to the amount of voltage put to the modules as well as the overall speeds. As a rule of thumb, you won't need to worry about active cooling for memory until you start pumping more than about 2.8 or 2.9v to the modules. Both of the mentioned companies have memory that thrives in this type environment.
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      Re: ddr400 ( pc3200 ) vs. ddr500 ( pc4000 )

      What's fastest is actually going to depend a lot on the type of system you're running. A socket A system or low-FSB Pentium 4 will make better use of the PC3200. A socket 478 or 775 system will make much better use of the PC4000. A socket 754 or 939, on the other hand, might use either, depending on what you did. Those are just rated speeds, so you can often overclock the PC3200 past PC4000 speeds with increased voltage and reduced timings. The same applies to the other systems, but the Athlon 64s will overclock the PC3200 much better, and Athlon XPs rarely go more than ten or so MHz above 200MHz anyway.