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What type of RAM for Abit NV8?

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  • What type of RAM for Abit NV8?

    I am currently in the process of putting together a new PC that is on a budget. I have selected the Abit NV8 Motherboard with an AMD 64 3700+ Clawhammer processor. I am wondering what type of RAM would be the best for this motherboard if I'm going to be playing a lot of Quake IV?

    I am not sure how well the NV8 overclocks so I was hoping that someone here might know. The three types of RAM that I've read the most about are the OCZ Platinum, Corsair XMS, and Kingston HyperX. I've heard that I should not go with 1GB modules because they are slower than 512MB modules. The problem with this is that the NV8 Motherboard only has two slots on it. Is 1GB going to be enough? As it is I find that Battlefield 2 struggles with 1GB of RAM. The motherboard and processor are already ordered so changing them is not an option.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: What type of RAM for Abit NV8?

    Hmm well, I wouldnt have ordered that combination. I know, I know I have a socket 754 system aswell, I would have chosen a s939 one if they wernt so expencive at the time...

    Anyways RAM.... uhh well I am using 1GB of OCZ GOLD EL VX PC4000 at the moment, but you wont be able to supply enough voltage to it to use it properly, same goes for munchkin redline.

    1GB modules have come down in price and up in proformance, but not quite to the level of 512MB modules. Put it this way, if you buy 2x 512MB modules now, then your gonna have to upgrade and spend more money down the road, then you will also have an extra GB of RAM lying around, though that could be a good thing for another computer or two in your household though.

    If I was in this situation I would get the 2x 1GB set and OC my video card to make up for the loss(however small).


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      Re: What type of RAM for Abit NV8?

      If you can afford it, get a couple 1GB sticks of CAS 2 PC3200 RAM. OCZ makes a stick, as do a couple other reputable companies. You'll thank yourself when you play Battlefield 2.

      In any case, both Quake 4 and Battlefield 2 won't see huge performance difference based on what RAM you get. As long as it's at least PC3200 and 1 or 2GBs, you'll be fine. Having low latencies will help, but even that's not a necessity. RAM quantity and video card quality are infinitely more important.


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        Re: What type of RAM for Abit NV8?

        I have an NV8 with a 3700 Clawhammer, and I'm running 2x 1GB sticks of Team Xtreem 2-3-3-5 (Infineon BE-5 IC) at 1t.

        Overclocking isn't terribly great - or there must be some special trick to overclocking on an NF4 based mobo.

        This is as far as I could get mine to OC.

        11.5 x 212mhz, 2.7 Vdimm, 5*200mhz LDT
        CPU @ 2438mhz
        DDR @ 424, 2-3-3-5-1t
        LDT @ 2*1060mhz

        Dropping the LDT or RAM divder didn't improve anything. I can't even get it to 12x210mhz at 1.525/1.5 vcore.

        I read a review on the board where they used ClockGen to OC. Here's an extract of the review.

        "....ABIT NV8 Overclocking
        ( )
        However, when you're talking Socket 754, things get considerably more interesting when you start overclocking. Unfortunately, despite having a plethora of options, including multiplier adjustment, the NV8's BIOS wasn't very cooperative and refused to overclock the board by even a smidgen, so we had to use the ClockGen Windows utility instead. Using ClockGen, the NV8 achieved a very impressive FSB of 285MHz, which increased the CPU frequency of our Sempron 3300+ test CPU from 2GHz to 2.85GHz...."

        I downloaded ClockGen and gave it a whirl. So far, no such luck.
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          Re: What type of RAM for Abit NV8?

          Turn the memory up to 2.8-2.9v and give it another go (take the LDT down to 4 also).