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  • DDR 400 no post

    Hello everyone,
    I have a K8T Neo 2 Mobo MS-6702E and I can't get the Dual channel to work with 2 sticks of PC3200 DDR 400 256MB RAM. They work fine when I place them together on the same channel but when I place one in the other channel to run in dual mode I don't even get a post, no beep...nothing. I've tried different combinations of them in the dimms to no avail. Oh... the Ram is matched too. I also have 2 other sticks of 256 (same brand) and I tried those in different combinations with and with out the fore mentioned two. As soon as I put a stick of memory in the second channel I can't boot. I looked through the manual and bios for some type of enable/disable but found nothing. The retailer told me that the board is most likely bad but I just bought it 3 months ago. Thanks much for any help anyone can give me.

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    Re: DDR 400 no post

    Yep, it's most likely a bad board. I have a board that has a similar problem.