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Faulty ram problems

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  • Faulty ram problems

    hey there guys
    just a quick inquiry, i have just built a new pc with the following specs: amd athalon 64 3500+ socket 939, msi k8n platinum sli mother board, twinmos twister ram 1gb ddr400 pc3200 (2x 512mb), 160gb sata hdd, sparkle 7800gt 256mb pci-e video card. the problem is that the system does not work right with that ram. with the ram in dual channel the system will not completely boot, it gets to the windows loading screen then just restarts. this is the second lot of ram i have had, i had the first set replaced as it had the same problems. i have run memtest with both sets on my pc and a friends with similar results: over 30000 errors in the first couple of minutes. is this a compatability problem between the motherboard and ram? any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: Faulty ram problems

    Also another weird issue with the ram is that even though the ram seems faulty by itself when i use it with a single sided 256 mb card in slot one and the two 512mb cards in slots 2 and 3 it runs fine with great performance in all areas. i also ram memtest in this state and got 1 error in five and a half hours. whats the deal with that? i am thinking of getting my money back and buying a different brand of memory. any suggestions on some reliable brands?