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MS-6570E and DDR-400 (Markvision)

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  • MS-6570E and DDR-400 (Markvision)

    Hi All,

    Have been running (2) sticks of 512MB/DDR400 Markvision memory for quite some time with an XP2100+ proc. Machine has been nothing but stable. Santa brought an XP3200+ proc, which of course, upped the FSB to 400. Since then, I've been experiencing some reboots.

    Memtest86 shows one of the DIMMs having issues, but here's the kicker. I had them running in a dual-channel config (slots 2 and 3). The questionable stick fails memtest in slot 3, but works in the others. The 'known good' stick passes in all slots. With both sticks installed in slots 1&2, memtest passes the system. Granted, dual-channel isn't the end of the world, but if the "single stick in slot 3" was an unsupported config, the other stick should have failed as well". Do I have a bad stick of ram ? Next test is how to get the vendor to swap (lifetime warranty) if it tests okay in their system ?

    Antec Sonata Case w/ 380Watt PSU
    MSI K7N2 Delta2 (MS-6570E) Bios V11.4 081604
    2 x Markvision 512MB/DDR400
    XP3200+ @ 400FSB
    TT SilentBoost
    ATI Radeon 9800Pro
    1 x Seagate 200GB SATA
    1 x IBM Deskstar 80GB, 1 x IBM Deskstar 60GB
    Temps: 35C/43C

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    Re: MS-6570E and DDR-400 (Markvision)

    You can try increasing the voltage on the RAM to make sure it's stable. However, I'd suggest you return it if it has stability issues at stock speed and timing.


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      Re: MS-6570E and DDR-400 (Markvision)

      Strange thing is that both sticks test fine in slots (1,2). Does slot 3 (must be used to enable dual-channel) have special characteristics ? Why would one stick fail and another pass there ? Any suggestions on what info to provide to vendor to backup my request for replacement ? If they test in standard slots, there is a good chance the stick will pass.

      Thanks in advance,


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        Re: MS-6570E and DDR-400 (Markvision)

        had the same problem with the same ram from that company i took it out and put a corsair 512 ddr and it works good but i only had 1 ram in the first slot but it did that reboot memory physical dump crap everytime i was playing games and got far without saving it yet so i had to ****ing restart all my missions

        the geniuses at markvision didn't leave any address or nothing to ****in send it back to get fixed and when i bought it it came in only a anti static bag
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          Re: MS-6570E and DDR-400 (Markvision)

          Decided to bail short-term on Dual-Channeling. Swapped with a friend, and 2x512MB DDR Markvision (CAS 2.5) seem to be having quite nicely in the box.

          Question - if I add a third DIMM, will dual-channeling be disabled by default ? Also - third DIMM is CAS 3... I'm guessing it's not going to like that.