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New Ram causes BSOD

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  • New Ram causes BSOD

    about 2.5 years ago i bought a new comp.

    CPU - Athlon XP2000
    Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-7VRXP (based on your rave reviews)
    Memory - Samsung 512MB DDR PC2700 (CL is 2.5)
    Video Card - Nvida GForce TI 4400

    the other day i bought a new Memory Stick. i bought the same one i have listed above to insure maxium compatibilty. with the new stick in, i get the bsod soon as the desktop comes up. bsod also comes up in safe mode at desktop. i even tried takeing out the old memory stick and leaving in the new one. i still get bsod at the desktop in normal mode and safe mode. when i pull out the new stick, windows is perfecty fine. on start up the new stick is show in the memory test weather i have it by itself or with the old stick. so i know windows is detecting the new stick.

    i do have the latets drivers for everything and bios has the latest flash.

    does anyone have any ideas why this is happening?

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    Re: New Ram causes BSOD

    The memory is bad, replace it or have it RMA'd through the manufacturer.
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