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Can I exceed quoted RAM supported

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  • Can I exceed quoted RAM supported

    I have an old eMachine (766id Tower) I want to give to my grand daughter. The machine specs say up to 256MB, which I have (128 in each slot). Can I exceed this. I tried to put a 256MB card in one of the slots with one of the old 128MB cards and it still only showed 256. I did this same thing with an old IBM Aptiva once and Windows showed 384MB, when the spec said 265 max. Is there some trick around this?


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    Re: Can I exceed quoted RAM supported

    Don't believe there is, I used to have several older computers with the same issue and was never able to get them to read over max motherboard specs


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      Re: Can I exceed quoted RAM supported

      Yes you are stuck at 256MB due to the mainboard not having the physical support to read any more than that.


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        Re: Can I exceed quoted RAM supported

        Thanks for the replies. For some reason exceeding memory seemed to be recognized by that old IBM Aptiva. I was hoping this eMachine would.



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          Re: Can I exceed quoted RAM supported

          If the 256 is double sided it will work with most mobo's that support 128mb per bank. If you try to use a single sided 256 in one of these mobo's, it will only see one bank of it. Is the ram you are trying double or single sided?
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            Re: Can I exceed quoted RAM supported

            No it is a single sided board. That's a great idea that may be worth trying.