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    I'm putting together a new system, first time builder.... ABIT IC7-G MAX II, P4 3.0C GHz, 2x512MB RAM....I know Geil, Mushkin, OCZ are some of the top performers, but how can I decide what gives me the best bang for my buck? I've never o/c, although I'm definitely interested once I get the system up and running for a while. Things like the Cas Latency (some list one #(2 or 2.5 or 3), while some list several like 2-6-6-7 or something like that)....I guess I just really don't fully understand all the terms/specs so I'm hoping you guys could help explain some of it, or link me to a "RAM for Dummies" type site....and as far as o/c goes, why would I be better off going for a PC4000 instead of a PC3200??
    Thanks for the help

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    It helps to have high-speed RAM on Intel rigs, especially when OCing. However, I think PC3500 is a better choice than PC4000. You can get good timings on PC3500 RAM, while most PC4000 has CAS latency of 3 or more (2.5 isn't uncommon, though). I don't really have much experience with OCing P4 rigs, so if you OC perhaps PC4000 is best for you. At least get PC3500, if not 4000.

    If you get PC3500, this is quite good (get two):
    You want CAS latency to be as low as possible. In this case, it's 2.

    I would go with this if I were getting PC4000:

    The PC4000 vs. 3500 is debatable in the long run, so note that the PC3500 costs $40 less than the PC4000.


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      I personally don't see why you would need pc4000 memory, especially if you've never o/c'd b4. I own one stick of OCZ PC3200 EL and am very impressed with it. I haven't been very successful in overclocking it, however with its timings and speed i really don't need to. I have heard that OCZ isn't the BEST at ocing but I know for a fact that it will remain rock solid throughout all of your endeavors. I would recommend ocz pc3500 memory; i doubt you would want or need to o/c any further than that.


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          Great, thanks for the help guys