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Memory: Avant Gamer Pro and FSB -> DDR Speed matching.

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  • Memory: Avant Gamer Pro and FSB -> DDR Speed matching.

    Anyone had any experiences with this type of memory? Recommended? Bad? I find it impossible to find any reviews about this kind of memory. I just stumbled upon it today and am considering purchasing it. It claims to have lower latency than Corsair and Kingston DDR RAM.

    Any thoughts?

    Oh and I might as well take advantage of this thread ( :D ) and ask if PC3700 DDR466 will be able to run on my motherboard (DFI LanParty NFII Ultra B) and will it be a performance decrease? Because the processor's FSB is 400Mhz, and I heard something about increased performance if the speed of the memory and the FSB match.

    So, FSB 400Mhz + DDR400 (PC3200) = Better performance
    And FSB 400Mhz + DDR446 (PC3700) = Slower performance :? :?: :?:


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    No I havn't heard of that brand but I wouldn't go past the faster timed PC3500 though keeping the memory and FSB the same speed on that mainboard is a must for good performance. I run and XP2600+ at 2.53GHz (11.5 x 220MHz) with PC3500.


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      Avant memory in my machine

      I have three sticks (512 MB each) of Avant Gamer Pro PC3200 in my system, and to be honest with you, there is no better memory out there, at least in my experience.

      You can't go wrong with this stuff!