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tricky dual channel ddr question

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  • tricky dual channel ddr question

    i'm currently using a 512mb stick of samsung pc2700 (ddr333) on a board that will support up to 3 sticks of pc 3200 with dual channel....i recently purchased (and still waiting to receive) 2 256mb sticks of samsung pc3200. i'm going to run the 2 pc 3200 ddr400 sticks at 333 for better performance w/ my 333fsb....but will dual channel work alright if i have my original pc2700 ddr333 on one channel and the 2x256mb sticks running @ 333 on the other? and what if the cl on the 2700 is 2, but the 3200 is 2.5.....will they both be set to 2.5 by default???? PLEASE HELP!!!!

    ***i know that you're supposed to use identical memory for dual channel....but if it's the same brand, running at the same speed, 512mb on one channel and 512mb(2x256mb) on the other it should work, right?****has anyone else attemped this or have any useful input?....could i do any damage?...should i not even try it?

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    i dont think you can have 3x memory sticks and having it run in Dual Channel mode. i read a while back about one or two boards doing this, but it was a bit sceptical.

    if you did run the 512+2x256 sticks, the FSB would be reduced to the slowest 2700.

    my suggestion is scrap the 512mb PC-2700 stick and use the 2x256 PC-3200 in DC mode instead.


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      with intel boards you need either 2 or 4 sticks for dual channel, but i've got an asus a7n8x and by placing the 2 smaller sticks equal to the amount being placed in slot 1*512mb*(channel 0) in slots 2 & 3*2x256mb*(channel 1) the 128 bit dual channel can be achieved with all 3 slots occupied. i know about having the ram running at a lower frequency when using all 3.....even if i only use the 2x256mb ddr400 sticks i'm going to underclock them to 333mhz, as i would get better performance if my fsb and memory were running at the same frequency. i was just hoping it's possible to run dual channel effectively with 2 sticks underclocked to put them in sync with the original stick, and that someone else may have attempted this or have info reguarding it so i would know whether or not i'm getting my panties in a bunch for no reason.


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        In order to use ddr dual channel, ram has to be exactly identical, so used the 2 sticks.
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          i got dual channel to work with all three sticks running @ 333mhz. i benchmarked just the two sticks(256mb on each channel) and the scores were the same as when i used all three (2 x 256-on channel 0 and 1 x 512-on channel 1) but as you can expect, my games loaded and quit faster with the extra 512 installed.......YOU CAN HAVE DUAL CHANNEL WITH PC2700 and PC3200 AS LONG AS THEY'RE SET AT THE SAME FREQUENCY.........that's all.


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            mmmmmmmmm Tasty! can I have seconds?

            Good Job, I'm sure your absolutley exstatic about the performance increase! I know I'd be.. :shock:


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              With dual Channeling - If your using a single 256. and then add another - Is there anything (Bios wise etc) you have to change to enable dual channel, or is it automatic?


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                nope, no need to change anything. as long as your mobo supports dual channel and you have the memory in the right slot everything is automatic.