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New System runs slow

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  • New System runs slow

    I just built a new system
    Asus A7V600 on VIA KT600 400 FSB
    1 GB Kingston HyperX PC3700
    AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 400 FSB

    The first time I visited BIOS, it said that all CPU settings would default to their lowest, for me, 1.05 Ghz. I figured, not so bad, I'll just turn it up to the 2.1 that the XP 3000+ is advertised as.
    No juice, I can't seem to get it run past 1.75 Ghz, trying to play with the multiplier and/or the FSB, I just seem to max out at a stable 1.75.
    A friend told me it may be my RAM, that it's set to run too high and I'm not meeting the reuqirements, any ideas on if this might be the case, why, and chow I can fix it.
    If that isn't the case, then maybe some suggestions, I would like to at LEAST run the computer at its promoted speed, and would like to get a little more out of it if possible.

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    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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      i thought xp 3000+ ran with a 333fsb...your mobo will support 400mhz fsb but that doesn't mean your cpu is running @ 400mhz.... if you're using pc3700 ram then it's bottlenecking....underclock the ram to run @ 333, if that's what your fsb is. computers like to have their memory and xp fsb running at the same i hear girls think it's sexier when fsb and ram frequency are the same.


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        an xp 3000 can be either a fsb of 400 or 333..
        whats your memory timing's [ curious] is your system running hot?

        go in to set up
        check your settings for fsb and , ram timings..voltage's also..
        compare them to your cpu and mother board documents [yea i know , check and triple check ,]
        k6-2 .and . . . AMD 64bit|3.2,1G[2326],9800xt [both died] miss my 500 K's
        recycled from the trash [and in use]
        2 = 945G chipset boards 2G Celeron and dual Pentium
        3 = AM-37 FIK motherboards 2-2.6 G
        in storage 810/815 chipset P3's 800MHZ[4setup and +? not]


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          It is Faster to have the System Bus and Memory both set the Same.

          So if you have an Athlon xp 2800 and Pc 2700 ram it would be the fastest Stock configuration becuase the Xp 2800 bus runs at 333 and the ram runs at 333, thus eleminating the Latency factor between the Cpu and Ram.