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HELP! RAM Problems

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  • HELP! RAM Problems

    IS there any free software that will accurately check RAM performance? I am getting read errors and memory dumps from the RAM and I don't want to have to replace both chips. If there is software that will check this that would be best. I want to find which chip it is without having to play around with taking one out and working for a day and all.

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    Standard program is MemTest86. It boots from a floppy or a CD before the OS loads and just stresses the memory, checking for errors. The key to the memory one stick at a time, to isolate the sticks.


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      for best results you should let it run overnight to catch any random errors


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        Well guys, thanks.

        As suspected, I had many memory errors. Is there a way to export the data so I can open it and print it? I have a ton of these errors and I have no idea what they mean. They seem to cover both chips maybe, which I know these 2 Kingston HyperX 512Mb Memory sticks are compatible with my motherboard.

        I also build PCs and have for years in my business and have never had 2 sticks of Kingston memory be bad at the same time. Have had very few be bad period.

        So, any ideas of how to analyze this stuff and how to print it or export it to file?


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          Increase the voltage to ya memory by 0.1v if ya can and the errors just may go away.