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Shareware for Benchmarking Ram?

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  • Shareware for Benchmarking Ram?

    Hey guys, I think one of my ram sticks might be failing. I know if have seen a shareware app that tests the quality of your ram, but I can't seem to find it. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    i think this is what's you're looking for: memtest86
    *there is also this updated version here called Memtest86+ (based on the original memtest86)

    both are free :)


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      Hmm, I just tried this, and then after 50 minutes it appeared it had finished, but then started again? It did not find any errors.

      When it started over there were no visible signs that it was doing anything different. Have you ever used this test? Does it just go on forever? Does it ever give results?


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        it's supposed to repeat to find random error. If the RAM has consistent errors it should pick it up on the first pass, but many times the errors are random and the test needs to repeat (many times) to find these errors. I usually find it's best to let it run overnight. But AFAIK, it will run forever till you stop it. If it does find errors it should display them.


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          Ok... Thanks..


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            btw, which one are you using? Memtest86+ was just released a couple weeks ago and there were some important changes made. (The orginal has been updated in nearly 2 years)

            Sorry I didn't mention that earlier, but I didn't fully look into the new version till just now :o


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              Yea, I used the new version, but as far as I can tell, all the new version is, is bug fixes and added recognition of new hardware... the program hasn't changed much...