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KINGMAX 512MB SD Card - the Highest Capacity in the World

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  • KINGMAX 512MB SD Card - the Highest Capacity in the World

    Kingmax, Taipei 2003/12/31 –You have finally bought a digital camera, but do you still worry about having enough memory to get all the photographs you want on sightseeing trips? Do you worry that your dearest memories might be accidentally erased, causing what could be one of the greatest regrets of your life? How much longer can you put up with these worries?

    With the constant innovation of digital products, compact digital memory cards are become an indispensable companion in people's everyday lives. Taking this into account, Kingmax Digital Inc. is committed to providing the best memory solutions. By integrating Kingmax unique TinyBGA memory module package technology, developing the revolutionary PIP™ (Product In Package) technology, and applying stacking technology, Kingmax has revolutionized compact digital memory card products! The Kingmax small-scale SD card stands out for its high capacity, high performance, robustness and durability. Other special product features are its resistance against water, pressure, and heat. When it comes to writing and reading data from the card, Kingmax's small-scale SD card is 30% faster than competing products! A Kingmax SD Card will make your digital products much faster, like adding wings to a tiger.

    With the advent of the digital age, products such as digital cameras are not only able to take still pictures, but also offer video functions. Against this backdrop, only the Kingmax SD Card 512MB, sporting the highest capacity worldwide, can give you the perfect digital life! The Kingmax SD Card 512 MB allows you to record every precious moment whenever you wish and to enjoy and experience unlimited digital fun at its best!

    Kingmax PIP™ (Product In Package) technology has already been patented in Taiwan, Japan, and the United States and fully complies with SDI standards. Kingmax is an official member of the Secure Digital Association (SDA) and is committed to providing customers with products of top quality and the highest compatibility. With the water-resistant, high-performance Kingmax SD Card, you receive with the best, all-round services as well as a top-quality guarantee.
    Please see Kingmax's official website ( for more detailed information on our entire product range.
    Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
    Managing Director
    Tweak Town Pty Ltd