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Need to know which RAM?

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  • Need to know which RAM?

    Need to know the best combination of memory and type to fit into my a7n8x deluxe dual channel architecture. i also need to know what voltages i might need to set and what settings for the memory timings? i'm trying to set a stable fsb and hopefully trying to get my CPU 2100+ to run at either 1.72 actual speed or higher. i have enough cooling in my lian li and processor doesn't seem to get as hot as some people who have still managed to clock their cpu faster. it can't be the heat?.. anyways i just finished cleaning everything and put it all back together nows.

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    The Asus web site has list of reccomended memory.

    As far as memory timings depends on memory, dont skimp on your memory, get match pairs usally best deal anyway if you plan on using dual channel mode.
    Most forums see best results posted by corsair users, there on ASUS list, been making fast memory longer than anyone in the business.
    I've read when oc some faster timings dont make much difference.

    I know if you had processor 2500xp or higher you would want to go the 400fsb route( pc3200)
    With your's I'm not sure , seems I've read the 333fsb better to oc with in your case, but 400fsb would not slow you down, it can run slower if needed. Most running voltage 2.7 some at 2.8

    Any good memory manufacture will provide you with reccomended timings, and your premium memory would probable SPD type and your board would recconize the settings automaticly, if was set to in bios.

    If you set your timmings to fast you will get memory failure warning and or beep codes, and thus would not be able to boot, but you wuld be able to reset board and make changes in bios to suit

    I noticed you listed two different DDR sizes your board will only run at the slower of the two sizes, and may cause problems tis board is pickey when it comes to the ram or DDR

    I too have ASUS MOBO Love IT I'm running 2500xp and Black Diamond match pair 2x256 pc 2700 buying some corsair soon going to oc mine I'LL RUN FASTER OR MELT???????????


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      Sorry did not notice your are underclocked I'll get back to soon, see if can figure out your settings,
      there is lots of settings for you in the bios probably not as bad as it might seem.


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        start by checking out this


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          HERE YOU GO!!!!!!! YOUR WELCOME!
          Access your bios:
          Go to: advanced chipset features
          Cpu external freq (mhz) : 133mhz
          Cpu freq multiple setting : Auto
          Cpu freq Multiple : 13.0
          System preformance : User Defined
          Cpu interface : Optimal

          Memory freq (you can try by: Spd) : 100%
          Resulting freq : 166mhz

          ((((if trying to use both 2700 & 3200 ram youll have to set at the lower speed these settings are for that, if only the 3200 change to 200 mhz, forgot may have to alter memory freq % to get desired resulting 166mhz or 200mhz))))
          THE FOLLOWING settings would be same

          Memory timings : User defined
          SDRAM active precharge delay : 7
          SCRAM ras to cas delay :3
          SCRAM ras precharge delay :3
          SCRAM cas latency :2.5T
          FSB spread : disabled
          AGP spread : disabled
          Cpu core setting : auto
          CPU core : 1.650V ( if set higher creats heat if over clock=higher)
          ( higher = cpu damage possible)
          Graphics Aperture size : ((should be 50% or less of your memory)) ( higher numbers can increase preformance in SOME CASES)
          Agp freq : AUTO
          System BIOS Catchable : disabled
          Video Ramcachable : disabled
          DDR Voltage : 2.6 (some DDR needs alittle boost 2.7) (2.8 might TOAST your DDR)
          AGP VDDQ VOLTAGE : 1.5V
          AGP 8X support : enabled
          AGP fastwrite capability : enabled
          Primary VGA BIOS : AGP VGA Card (if using an AGP card)
          The rest well mostly would be defalt settings all depends??
          Parallel Port Mode : ECP+EPP

          ONE OTHER NOTE! the memory timings use the slowest timings of the ram you have, if you have the manufactures timings, if your tring to use both pc2700 & pc3200 together I dont reccomend it but may very well work, I would run one or the other or purchase match pair to use the dual channel mode
          Some people say they run ok in dual channel without match pairs of DDR, but the type and speed of ram is the same.

          the timings above is just starting point 7/3/3/2.5T and DDR ref Voltage 2.6 (are considered fast speeds) I am running these settings on my rig
          Remember this: after these memory settings if you can post up / bootup you can go back into bios and try more agressive or faster settings, only change one setting at a time and small incruments and boot if you can, if you cant post or boot and you get memory failure beeps or voice failure go back to bios and relax memory timings till you can boot.

          cpu settings should be on the money
          some changes in AGP stuff different than my post may help a gamer???
          this should get you running at normal cpu speed and better scores
          GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

          ASUS A7N8X DELUXE 2.0 rev 1006
          RAIDMAX 430W 868
          AMD 2500xp
          Black Diamond DDR Dual Channel pc2700 2x256
          Maxtor 80G SATA HDD 7200rpm 8c
          Geforce 4 MX440 8X 128mb AGP
          Lite On CDRW
          Lite On DVD
          Mitsumi Floppy
          Dual Monitors 20"crt & 15"LCD
          Dual OS WIN 2000 pro & XP pro
          3pc Acoustic Athority 180 watt speakers
          Dual fan HDD cooler/5 case fans/dual ps fans/1 fan on AGP

          A couple weeks will OVER CLOCK this one ordered some goodies today


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            I just want to say Big thankyou for taking your time to look into this for us. i really appreciate it. just before writing that post i had problems with my system. read this link
            wiggo thought it might be corruption on xp and that quite a few system files that maybe corrupted due to the mismatched memory.. since then i have found out that the dual channel 400 winbond from maplin isn't faulty is just doesn't like to run with the 333 infineon memory which i accidentally put into dimm 1 and the 400 in dimm 2. and your only supposed to put fastest and biggest first in combinations of 1 & 3, 2 & 3 or 1 & 2 & 3. i think you know that though.
            at the moment im just running the 400 mhz maplin stick in dimm 2 and i am ready to try out your advice. did you have to upgrade your bios to get your mobo to accept the processor. i actually need to look into this memory if at all i can find it. i don't even know whether its registered or unbuffered ecc. what should it be? I will get back to you dude soon


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              No dont have to update bios to accept my cpu.
              Unless your having troubles, probably dont have to update
              I dont know if update made any difference to my board, I did not have any problems with my system before or after bios update
              I just updated because newer was avaible.

              Careful updating your bios once started you must compete or else you may have new paper weight.
              Use asus update, will be in programs list after install of mobo cd
              was live update, somewhat automatic, was worried when I updated, download from German site during update thought in trouble cause language was in german,I dont speek german.
              You can choose download site, if I remember rite
              Many people have problems updating bios, lots download wrong bios for thier board. then board is usless, using program update will auto detect the bios needed for your board you will choose which update like 1002, 1003, 1006 smoething like that?

              Memory? = unbuffered & non ECC
              Here is memlink off ASUS site
              check this too!

              Other memory will work, one's listed at asus has been tested with thier boards, purchase high quality DDR form reputable merchant, most will have tech support to help with settings aswell as provide manufactures rec. settings

              If you end up running Dual Channel Mem youll know when you boot up =dual channel mode will be posted on screen just prior to windows only flashes for moment

              Suggest you surf around ASUS site Lots of info,fixes,support,etc.
              I hear there support dept sucks

              Anyway, did you get your cpu to run at correct speed?
              Just woundering why you chose the processor you have
              If you toast it, next one should be 2500xp or higher then you can have fsb 333 & can clock it to 400fsb

              With your processor pc3200 400fsb probable wont make much difference if ya going to up grade your cpu to say 2500xp or higher, pc3200 good, otherwise save your money go with pc2700

              Good Luck!:flames:


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                i followed your advice on post HERE YOU GO!!!!!!! YOUR WELCOME !
                My asus board is version 2.0 and it came with the 1003 revision. I bought this board at least 8 months ago. when i took your advice yesterday. I followed the advanced chipset features exactly as you said. you said to set memory freq (set by spd) : 100% but the resulting freq gave me 133mhz not 166mhz. 125% gave me 166mhz. i set cpu external freq to 133
                memory timings = user defined
                sdram active precharge delay : 7
                scram ras to cas delay : 3
                scram ras precharge delay : 3
                scram cas latency : 2.5T
                the FSB SPREAD would not disable, just 0.50%
                i could disable AGP SPREAD
                I set CPU core setting to AUTO
                The CPU CORE : is 1750 at default & then + higher
                i set the Graphics aperture size to 256
                I set the AGP FREQ to AUTO
                disabled system bios casheable and video casheable
                i set the DDR VOLTAGE to 2.7
                8x support and fastwrite enabled
                i set the PRIMARY VGA BIOS to AGP
                left the rest
                i set these timings with the maplin winbond 400 dual channel in dimm 2 (blue socket)

                My system seemed stable and doesn't freeze with general use like using audigy sound card, browsing net. set at 133. i was able to run si software sandra standard 2004. without the system freezing i was able to run the system summary, cache & mem benchmark, memory bandwith benchmark, and cpu arithmetic benchmark, cpu multimedia benchmark without my machine freezing. sandra detected my memory as running at 2x134 = 268 data rate. however it froze when i ran pcmark 2002 straight away and 3dmark 2001se on the 7th test. nvidia system utility detected 266ddr. however when i reset the system and changed the resulting memory freq to 166mhz or 125%. it froze in 3dmark as soon as i ran the first test benchmark. but in the nvidia utility it told me i was running at 166ddr x 2 = 333. Sandra told me that i was still running at 133 ....that is such a shame.DOn't know what to do next or what to believe. when i update hte bios system seemed to detect the onboard pci controllers and asked for the driver that i had problems with getting nforce control panel to work before. it corrected this. so because it reset bios setting after flashing i disabled onboard audio. i've even switched adjust to best performance and switching to 98 look taking all the glamorous effects off. i set video card to high performance only in desktop settings. everything else switched to application controlled. refresh rate of 75. i have NO environment programs running in startup.
                so my system is half and half i don't know if i can play games at this bus speed though yet. i think i may take out this 400 stick and see whether your the 333 2700 infineon will run any better.
                I await your next post on thoughts on this issue.


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                  Well first off
                  Do you have your cpu running at correct speed
                  when you power up your cpu speed is noted on screen just before boot,
                  in bios should be something like
                  cpu ext freq 133mhz
                  cpu multiplier 13

                  interesting about bios my board same age also same version bios when purchased I'm on 1006 at the moment

                  If your cpu is running at correct speed, good, if not you need to start with that first.

                  Then as for your memory remember the timmings I posted may not be your best timings, just starting point

                  Best allaround pc performance would gennerally be obtained by running memory in sink with processor speed (but not always)
                  Your cpu is 266fsb

                  I think your best bet for the memory you have is to use your pc 2700 ddr assuming is good stick

                  Run memory test (I Like this one fairly quick) free download 30 days
                  (After I post I'll check link repost if was wrong)

                  Your board also can run memory freq via auto setting maybe try that too!


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                    Justing thinking, I do that once in a while.
                    You probably know already, but just in case,
                    when you flash bios all settings bios go to default settings

                    You could also increase your fsb on your cpu to match your memory, the pc2700, ofcourse then you would be ocing, you may want to refeer to oc fourm for some info on that , as I'm no expert there.
                    I would tend to think best to get running good first before oc


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                      Not sure how to input a rtf document into this post. I have two documents that i'd like you to see. Im also gonna check the auto timings for the memory. then i'll get back to you.