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Kingmax Worldwide First 256MB High-Capacity miniSD Digital M

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  • Kingmax Worldwide First 256MB High-Capacity miniSD Digital M

    Kingmax, Taipei 2003/12/25 – Kingmax Digital Inc., a global leader in miniature memory card solutions and developer of the revolutionary patented TinyPIP™ technology, has announced the release of a new high capacity 256MB mini Secure Digital Card (miniSD Card). At a tiny size of 20x21.5x1.4 mm, the miniSD card is also water resistant for greater convenience in portable electronics products such as mobile phones.
    As portable multimedia applications are on the rise, the latest consumer electronics products including digital camera phones, DSCs, DVs, PDAs and MP3 players are being designed with increasingly diverse features and expanded portability. Flash memory market in general continues to demand higher capacity with lighter, smaller and thinner memory products. In recent years, miniSD has been growing in popularity in Japan as more and more portable products supporting the emerging format. However, up to now, miniSD cards have been limited to 128MB in storage capacity due to physical package size. To meet challenging market demands for increasing storage, KINGMAX has focused its advanced R&D capabilities and integrated its patented PIP™ packaging technology to develop the revolutionary TinyPIP™ packaging. Moreover, with years of experience in stacked memory module development, KINGMAX has doubled the capacity limitation in designing a revolutionary new flash product for the digital consumer market. With features including high speed data transmission, high quality data protection, water resistance, low power consumption and increased storage capacity, the new 256MB high capacity miniSD card provides the most reliable, high quality memory solution for all types of consumer applications.

    Kingmax 256MB miniSD features:
     Compliant with the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) portable device requirements
     Fast data transfer rate up to 12.5MB/sec
     Full Plug and Play compatible
     Form factor: 21.5mm x 20mm x 1.4mm
     Card capacity up to 256MB
     Low power consumption to maximize battery life in small portable devices
     5-Year Warranty
    All Kingmax products go through rigorous quality control testing for compatibility and uniform quality check before leaving the factory. In addition, Kingmax’s vertically integrated technologies and processes enable faster time-to-market as well as a continuous, steady supply to meet market demand. KINGMAX provides a comprehensive five-year warranty on its entire line of miniSD card products. Kingmax has consistently held to its principle of supplying the best digital storage solutions and ensuring the best quality and performance products for consumers. In the future, to meet growing demand for faster, higher capacity memory products, Kingmax will continue to develop leading-edge innovative technologies and products to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

    Please see Kingmax's official website ( for more detailed information on our entire product range.

    About Kingmax Digital Inc.
    Kingmax Digital Inc.founded in November 2001, is an owned subsidiary of Kingmax Semiconductor, an award-winning global memory technology leader. Kingmax Digital specializes in offering various flash storage products for use in a wide range of portable electronic devices: digital cameras, mobile cameras, digital video cameras, PDA, MP3 and more. Kingmax patented PIP (Product in Package) technology offers best cost-effective and highly reliable solution to any small form factor memory card incorporating the Play and Plug feature with excellent waterproof, shock resistant and heat resistant advantages.
    As a member of the Kingmax family and being ISO 9001 certified, Kingmax Digital invests heavily in stringent quality control and total commitment R&D to better service our partners and clients. Our innovative designs and advanced technology has received wide acclaim in the worldwide market. Kingmax Digital is committed to innovate highly value-added digital products providing outstanding quality for one and all to fully enjoy and reap the benefits of the digital revolution.